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Dhahran – A Luxurious Travel Destination in the Southern Philippines


The famous Red Sea coast of the Sharm el Sheikh region in Egypt can be reached by a seven-day journey through a mostly empty desert. There is very little to do along the coast, other than sunbathing and shopping. This makes the Red Sea trip perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this beach resort area. The journey begins at Sharm el Sheikh airport, which can be reached by a sea plane, a bus or taxi. From there, visitors can make their way to various places including the famous Dhahran Tourist Village.


The price range of a seven-day trip to Dhahran ranges from just $1,567 for a single traveler, to over two thousand dollars for a family of four. Most hotel rooms in Dhahran will cost between fifty and one hundred dollars per night, while many vacation rentals are going to charge much less. For that reason, it is important for tourists to carefully review the vacation prices before booking a room. Most places along the coast are booked up throughout the year, so early reservations will guarantee low-cost accommodations. However, it may be possible to secure a discount during off-season; especially if the location is popular.

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The most expensive part of any trip to Dhahran, which many people are aware of immediately, is the flight costs. The flight costs can reach over two thousand dollars on a single trip, although most places offer a cheaper daily rate if travelers fly in partaking small flights. Passengers who book large flights should expect to pay the same per day or per week as they would for an onward flight to their destination. Of course, it is possible to reduce flight costs drastically by booking directly with the airlines.


The next most important part of any trip to Dhahran, which many people aren’t familiar, is the hotel expenses. Unlike many other parts of the world, the rates charged at many of the upscale hotels in Dhahran are far higher than those offered at cheaper, more basic locations. While the majority of these accommodations charge around ten dollars per person per day, those located in more remote areas can run as high as twenty dollars per person per day. Therefore, it is imperative that travelers review hotel prices prior to booking any accommodations.


Before planning any trip to Dhahran, it is important for travelers to review the daily expenses associated with that particular destination. For example, while Dhahran is a highly popular tourist destination, the average daily expenses associated with that area are far higher than the costs associated with a luxurious three-star hotel. As such, it is important to determine how much one can comfortably afford to spend per day and then compare that number to the total daily expenses for that particular destination to determine if one is truly getting a deal on the trip. This is especially true when it comes to accommodations. For example, it would be highly unlikely that travelers to Dhahran would be able to pay a thousand dollars per night for an elegant three-star hotel.


One of the best ways to save money when traveling to Dhahran, as well as anywhere else, is to book your accommodation in advance. Many of the boutique hotels in Dhahran that are quite expensive are booked all the way up to March. Therefore, if you do not plan to visit in the spring, you will not only save money, but you will also avoid having to face the grueling task of trying to book a hotel at the last minute. With the incredible amount of boutique hotels in Dhahran, however, it is likely that tourists will still be able to find some great deals. It will just take some extra time and effort to look. There are many online travel resources that are dedicated to helping travellers save money and find the ideal holiday rentals accommodation for them and their guests.