What to Expect on Your Trip to Shaki

Trip to Shaki

What to Expect on Your Trip to Shaki

Got your mind set on a trip to Shaki, Tackykhan? Great decision, it’s one of the most loved places in Azerbaijan. If you like something a bit more active, or even if you prefer to just fly and crash, can sort out the best vacation that s for you. But ultimately, the choice of where to go is totally up to you, we’ve got 3 great hotels scattered around Shaki, so no matter who you are, there is always a hotel there for you.

Shaki lies in the foothills of the great plateau dividing the Tigris and the Euphrates, and is bordered by Iran to the south, Turkey to the east and west, Georgia to the north, and Iran to the northwest. It is an ancient city, built around the great ruins of the Khatchaturids. The earliest archaeological finds suggest that Shaki was founded around the 7th century BC, during the height of the 3rd Millennium BC. This means that it was around during the time of ancient Babylon. It is also believed that Shaki was the second city founded by Alexander the Great on his return from conquering the rest of the Persian Empire.

There are plenty of beautiful and interesting sites to be explored on a Shaki trip. A day trip to Aktara is particularly enjoyable. Here you can stand at the site of what is believed to be the funeral of Alexander the Great, as well as being able to read the inscriptions upon his helmet. After this you can head over to the desert city of Qalqaliya. The best time to visit here is in the spring, as the weather is dry and the sands are soft.

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging on your trip to Shaki you have the option of a trek up the Beyndi Staircase. This is a difficult climb that will take you around some of the higher areas of Shaki. Once you reach the summit you will be treated to views of the dessert. The staircase is covered in stone and has steps for you to walk on. It also includes secret passages that lead to the stairwells of other nearby buildings.

There are many attractions in Shaki City. One of the largest is the Bahariyaeddin, which is the largest palace in all of Iraq. The palace is so large that it takes two days to walk from one gate to another! For those interested in history, the Kadhai Masjid is a five-storied building with minarets and intricate carvings on the inside and outside. On a nice day the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World can be seen from the Taj Mahal.

Shaki is an ancient city. During your visit you will learn about the history of the people who founded the city as well as their relationship with the Islamic community in Iraq today. You will also have the chance to participate in a fire ceremony. It is believed that during this ceremony valuable properties of the dead are purified. This is why there are many items that are kept in the royal tombs.