Tips For Planning Your Trip to Mehrobod Tajikistan

A Trip to Mehrobod in Tajikistan takes travelers back in time to an area that is located within the ancient Pamir Mountains. The history of this ancient mountain situated within the Pamir Mountains dates back to 2021 B.C. Many tourists from all over the world come to experience this once in a lifetime trip. Once one takes a trip to Mehrobod, they will see the remains of a magnificent ancient city that was able to build themselves a wall to keep out the invaders.

Trip to Mehrobod

Tajikistan is an area of incredible wild nature. This is a perfect spot for travelers to get a feel for how life used to be without modern technology. The snow capped mountains are filled with spring snow and this is the best time to go hiking. Other attractions within the Tajikistan area include waterfalls and a lake that flow through a network of canals.

Traveling by air to Tajikistan is also an option for tourists. The transportation is quite efficient and safe. There is a train servicing the cities of Herat and Mazrakala, but it is not advisable for tourists to travel on this route if they are not knowledgeable about the route. Another option would be to travel to the Pamir Mountains via an airplane and then rent a car to explore the beauty further. Another tip is to make a tour to the Pamir Mountains part of a larger travel itinerary and cover more ground.

One of the most popular activities to do while in Tajikistan is trekking. It is recommended that tourists rent at least two trekking poles and other equipment such as walking shoes so they can better negotiate the terrain. There are numerous places where tourists can trek to, including the Pamir Mountains and the Garagum Valley. Garagum is a must for tourists because it offers some of the finest vistas in the whole of Tajikistan. It has been a place of pilgrimage for many years and is an ideal place for photography enthusiasts and trekkers alike.

Diving is also popular in Tajikistan. This sport can be enjoyed in several different locations, such as Mehdobod, Shtokholmsky, and Zadar. The coral that is found here makes it one of the most colorful and diverse coral reefs in the world. The coral is so diverse that it can be seen from the shores of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. A trip to Mehrobod can be made up of a series of diving expeditions targeting a variety of different wrecks.

One of the best ways to get from one place to another is to use a car service. Tourists can ask their travel agents for transportation services to and from places in Tajikistan. Traveling by car is also more cost efficient than using air travel. It allows tourists to explore more of the country’s wonders and to make additional stops where they can rest, relax, and have time with family and friends.