Top Things to See and Do While in Calgary

Trip to Calgary

Top Things to See and Do While in Calgary

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Calgary? Calgary is a beautiful city with lots to offer visitors. It is the third largest city in Alberta and is located on the Bow River. The main attractions of Calgary are the two major professional sports teams, the Calgary Flames and the Calgary Stars.

A typical trip to Calgary would consist of a cab or an Riesel. From there, you could take a train or use the new Calgary International Airport. There are also a number of bus routes available that offer the best chance of getting around Calgary. If you are planning a trip to Calgary, here is a sample itinerary to get you started. If you are travelling with children, it might be a good idea to let them ride with you when you get around Calgary.

Getting Around: There are numerous ways to get around Calgary. One of the best ways to travel around is by taking the popular limo service called the Calgary stampede. This unique service offers you and your family the opportunity to have a unique and custom-designed limousine experience while touring through downtown Calgary. This unique limo experience will set you back just a little bit more than if you were to book a standard Calgary cab.

Traveling on Public Transportation: As noted above, Calgary is a major city that experiences both heavy snowfall and extremely high temperatures during the summer months. Because of this, it can be quite challenging getting around during the times when it does not rain. If you do not want to take a cab or rent a car, you will want to consider the public transportation that is available. Calgary has a very well-developed transit system that includes buses, subways, and even tarps. These are very affordable and make getting around much easier than if you had to hire a car.

See the City from above: One of the best ways to really experience the downtown Calgary has to be by viewing the city from above. The fifteen-story observation tower in downtown Calgary offers a great view of the city from above, as well as many other things. This is the second tallest building in Calgary after the old city hall and offers a great view of the downtown area. Plus, you can climb up the elevator and have a bird’s eye view of all of Calgary. There are also times when the Calgary Tower Theatre comes to town, which provides movie-goers with an even better view of everything that is going on downtown.

While there are lots of different ways that you can travel around and see the city of Calgary, the best way to really experience this incredible area of the country is by taking part in the annual Calgary Stampede. The Calgary stampede is Canada’s largest rodeo and sees hundreds of thousands of people converge onto the area for four days of fun and entertainment. If this is something that you want to see while in Calgary, be sure to check out the fifteen minute ride that the city offers each day. It will be a sure fire way to see everything that you want to in one fell swoop.